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System Requirements

The most recent version of JQuery (4.0 beta) was developed using Eclipse 3.3. JQuery 4.0 is tested in both Eclipse 3.2 and Eclipse 3.3 (Europa). Consult the documentation for more information on requirements.

Release Notes

July 28, 2008: JQuery 4.0.2b

Changes made to JQuery for this release:

  • user interface features:
    • added support for hiding regular expression box
    • disabled regular expression filter display by default
    • added an "Open with JQuery" button to most Eclipse context menus (works great!)
    • added JQuery Browser to Show In view menus
    • added Save/Restore perspective!
    • added JQuery supported syntax highlighting (through the ca.ubc.jquery.editor plugin)
    • added a slightly more obvious error message to popup query edit dialog
    • added error message to regular expression filter box
    • added menu item to count query results
    • added an option to the tree browser preferences to disable auto-complete for query editing
  • backend and code changes:
    • improved save state by moving more things into XML file instead of raw data files
    • changed constructor names from to actual class names (more like Eclipse)
    • improved API fact generator class
    • refactoring rules files to make management more clear and make a distinction between normal Java predicates and language independent predicates
    • made smaller factbase the standard
    • removed fourth parameter from file locations (not needed after a small tyruba mode definition change)
    • added a fact generator which uses string integers instead of long strings for identifiers. WAY MORE EFFICIENT DATABASE!
    • added getIdentityQuery method to API (essentially just an equals(!this,?T) query)
    • bug where node results weren't counted properly
  • bug fixes:
    • fix when changing resources caused view linking to be messed up
    • fix concurrent modification exception when updating resource strategies
    • bug fix which prevented linking to be restored properly for an XML defined view
    • bug which caused views to appear linked even when they had no targets
    • fix queries not being updated when an error occurs during editing (it was always a little annoying when you work hard on a query, click Apply and then lose your changes. This is now fixed)

April 29, 2008: JQuery 4.0.1b

Changes made to JQuery for this release:

  • User Interface:
    • added preference page for UI information
    • removed useless "max results" from tyruba preferences
    • forced tree builder to diplsay ana error when query results exceeded the limit
    • unselecting resources in the preferences now uninstalls the resource
    • auto activation for query edit help (pressing , or ; triggers help)
    • better package icon
  • Bug fixes
    • cancel query node didn't update results
    • query result counter not counts properly
    • crash using "Add to JQuery factbase" on a project with files with no extension
    • preference pages work better
    • recursive queries update properly
    • views (outline, selection) displaying an error on start up
    • quick views not selecting the element from editing context
  • Several code changes

March 26, 2008: JQuery 4.0b

Major changes made to JQuery for this release (there have been countless minor changes/fixes):

  • User interface improvements
    • Multiple JQuery browsers
    • Drag and drop support for browsers
    • JQuery view to JQuery view linking.
    • Editor to JQuery view linking
    • Background jobs handle query execution/factbase updates
    • Regular expression filter for every JQuery view
    • Content assistant in edit query dialog
    • Automated Working set creation
    • Multiple item selection and querying in JQuery views
    • Improved query filtering
    • Query popup dialog to assist editing existing queries
    • Tree node save/expand state saved and restored properly
    • JQuery views interact with Eclipse views (ie. Declaration view, JavaDoc view)
    • JQuery supports existing Eclipse operations (see the Eclipse... menu in the JQuery context menu)
  • Backend improvements
    • Migrated JQuery to a multi-plugin structure.
    • Pluggable backend allows for different database implementations (see documentation for more details)
    • Improved query rules (support for multiple types in a given query)
    • Pluggable fact generators allows more factbase customization
    • Improved definition file loading
    • Support for multiple Tyruba backends
  • JQuery/Eclipse Improvements
    • JQuery support for the Eclipse JDT JavaModel
    • Easier to use preference pages
    • Support for Eclipse 3.3
  • Several bug fixes and optimizations

August 30, 2007: JQuery 3.1.14

Changes made to JQuery for this release:

  • Compiles/runs in Eclipse 3.2
  • A number of smaller bug fixes and patches.
  • Replaced TyRuBA engine with latest versions (which has a number important bugfixes causing massive memory leaks).
  • Added rudimentary support for Java annotations (this is still preliminary and only partially supported, not all types of annotations are recognized by the parser).
  • Some changes to the preference pane:
    • new preference: max # results JQuery displays pre query.
    • parsing of dependent files now turned off by default (saves memory).

January 7, 2006: JQuery 3.1.5

Changes made to JQuery for this release:

  • Added minimal support for Java 1.5 (so that at least doesn't crash on 1.5 code)
  • Automatically loading dependent source or class files into the database.
  • Compile/Run under Eclipse 3.1

October 26, 2004: JQuery 3.1.3

Changes made to JQuery for this release:

  • Bugfix: fixed a browser/database inconsistency which sometimes resulted in multiple copies of a node being shown in the browser. 

September 26, 2004: JQuery 3.1.2

Changes made to JQuery for this release:

  • Bugfix: insertion of error, bookmark, warning and task facts.

August 26, 2004: JQuery 3.1.1

Changes made to JQuery for this release:

  • Added support for parsing and querying Bookmarks, Tasks, Errors, and Warnings.
  • Minor changes to tyRuBa backend, also some refactoring done to ease extension of the tool.

August 9, 2004: JQuery 3.1.0

Changes made to JQuery for this release:

  • Improved factbase - queries run faster with less memory overhead.
  • Fact libraries give the ability to export facts and use them later without reparsing.
  • Class file parsing gives the ability to parse and run queries on java bytecode.

June 22, 2004: JQuery 3.0.2

Changes made to JQuery for this release:

  • Resolved a bug.

June 5, 2004: JQuery 3.0.1

Changes made to JQuery for this release:

  • This release is basically the same as the 3.0.0 release, except that it is Eclipse RC1 compatible.
  • Removed use of some deprecated and invalid eclipse APIs.

June 5, 2004: JQuery 3.0.0

Changes made to JQuery for this release:

  • Vitural Source Files allow the developer to view and edit scattered code from one view.
  • Query Here feature presents the developer with an outline of the results of context specific queries.

October 16, 2003: JQuery_2_0_0b

Changes made to JQuery for this release:

Known issues

July 7, 2003: JQuery_1_9_6

Changes made to JQuery for this release:

July 4, 2003: JQuery_1_9_5

It's here. JQuery has been given a major overhaul, and the first production version is finally available for download. Much has changed in this new version, so please read the release notes below.

Changes made to JQuery for this release:

March 19, 2003

Changes made to JQuery for this release:

February 28, 2003

Changes made to JQuery for this release:

January 27, 2003

The following additions have been implemented:

November 14, 2002

Several changes were made in this release:

November 5, 2002

This is the first public release and is still highly experimental. The fact generation code underwent a major redesign in this release. This redesign has made the queries run much faster and provided the potential for a richer set of query terms. However, not all the query terms have been re-implemented yet and there may still be holes in the ones that are implemented (eg. the calls query does not find calls to the default constructor). Also, incremental updates of the fact base has not yet been implemented in the new design. Facts for a project will be generated the first time a query is run against that project. This may take a little while, but queries run much, much faster this way. Use the "reload rules" button to generate the rule base again after making changes to your code.

October 9, 2002

This is an early, experimental version which is discussed in the paper "Navigating and Querying Code Without Getting Lost".