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JQuery 4.0 beta now available
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JQuery is a flexible, query-based source code browser, developed as an Eclipse plug-in. After selecting a java working set of interest, a JQuery user can define his or her own top-level queries (or "browsers") on-the-fly by formulating logic queries and running them against his/her source code. Alternatively, the user can choose from a variety of pre-written browsers, and use as-is or modify to suit their specific needs. Individual elements in the tree can then be queried individually in the same fasion. The user can specify how query results are organized in the hierarchical tree viewer using a simple variables editor interface.

The JQuery query language:
  • Is a logic (Prolog-like) query language based on TyRuBa. TyRuBa is a logic programming language implemented in Java. The JQuery query language is defined as a set of TyRuBa predicates which operate on facts generated from the Eclipse JDT's abstract syntax tree.


  • TyRuBa: The logic inference engine upon which JQuery is based.
  • QJBrowser: An earlier stand-alone prototype from which JQuery was derived.


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  • Project Leader: Prof. Kris De Volder
  • Prior Contributions: Prof. Gregor Kiczales, and students Doug Janzen, Ray Suprio, and Andrew Eisenberg
  • Prior Programmers: Ryan Wannop, Jim Riecken